Start a Circle

The way circles work, members meet once a month at least six times a year. Upon joining the circle, Lean IN encourages you to stick with it: Circles that meet for more than six months report higher satisfaction, and many Circles stay together—and support one another—for years. Learn why you should start a circle.

  1. Some Circle Basics
    • You should determine whether your circle activities will be community-based or specific to your company.
    • If it’s a community circle, determine whether it’s an interest-based circle such as the Writers Circle or a circle providing resources for a specific city or region such as the Chicago or Michigan Circles.
    • Decide whether your circle will meet online or in-person.
  2. You may start your circle online at LeanIn.Org. You have the option of linking where your circle is located online to your presence on the LeanIn.Org hub. For instance, will your circle run on Facebook, Mighty Hub or some other platform?
  3. Make sure you email us informing us about your Circle so we can add you to our network.
    • Lean In Women of Color Circles benefit from educational programming. We provide resources and tools to motivate women of color in the workplace.
    • They also benefit from a private Lean In Women of Color Slack Channel so members can build upon peer support.
    • Also, Lean In Women of Color leaders gain access to ongoing coaching and support.
    • Learn more ways you and your circle could collaborate with our program by shooting us an email.