Ways to Participate

  • Through LeanIn.Org Circles-  Circles are small peer groups that meet regularly for confidentiality and support. Circles are way to establish connections and support with peers. Circles can be relegated to a community, a group of friends, a school or a company. There really is no set structure for one.  All participants can join the Lean In Women of Color chapter online for free at We invite new and existing circles to join the Lean In Women In Women of Color Chapter for guidance and support. (Potential circle leaders may receive a racial equity training scholarship through Race Forward. Your name will be added to a waiting list. Email us at for an interview. )

  • Host an online or in-person workshop or discussion- Lean In Women of Color has specific tools for Companies/Leaders and Individuals. With the tools provided on, hold  a workshop or discussion with a large community or amongst a small circle of friends. You can also do the following then email us the materials:
    • Create your graphics to promote your up and coming event.
    • Capture key-take-aways and actions from the event.
    • Take photos of your event.

  • Create a Lean In Women of Color page on your website- You can create a page on your website specifically for the Lean In Women of Color Program. Additionally, you may use any of the graphics and materials from our Google Drive which is linked below to help guide you.

  • Launch a Social Media Campaign- Using Lean In Women of Color materials from its website or folder on Google Drive, participants can share the program’s message and materials. Whatever the medium, relative posts and messages can accompany the following hashtags- #leaninwoc, #leaninwomenofcolor, #breakingbarriers. Also,  feel free to cc post-conversations with @LeanInWOC, @LeanInOrg .

Campaign Images and web page building materials

Access our Google Drive folder below. We are constantly adding new materials. If you don’t see something you need or if you would like to contribute to the folder, please let us know.

Become an Ambassador, Advisor or Partner

ADVISOR- We count on our database of advisors to lend their expertise and input. Regardless of gender, cultural background or geographic region, we welcome the bright minds of different leaders, organizations, and companies.

DIRECTOR- Participate by starting a Circle or leading an existing Circle. Also, Directors may launch a Lean In Women of Color Event, create a social media campaign and/or develop a page on their website.

PARTNERS- Lean In Women of Color resources and tools is for everyone. During company downtime or in between meetings, companies can host workshops or discussions. Additionally, companies can become a LeanIn.Org partner then appoint a liaison to join the Lean In Women of Color Chapter. Contact us and let us know you're IN!

Email us about participating! Need our help and assistance with a workshop, don't be afraid to ask. Or if you are unsure of what will work best for you, shoot us a message at