Across the board, the leadership gap between men and women is significant, but for women of color, the gap is greater. Lean In Women of Color is a champion in the mission for diversity and inclusion and responds to the unconscious biases that often get in the way. Lean In Women of Color confronts some of these challenges and promotes resources for individuals, companies, and communities.

We want to arm all women with the right tools to accomplish their goals. In addition, we want them to keep “the seat” warm so more women can thrive!

Who We Are

Lean In Women of Color is a global community aimed at the advancement and retention of women of color in leadership and high-ranking positions. With the provision of Lean In tools, expert material fueled by leaders and our partners, we provide education resources to aid in bridging the leadership gap. Diversity matters!


Lean In Women of Color conversations thrust gender and racial biases to the forefront and dives deeper into the challenges through a Q and A session.


Be bold. Be brave and have a Lean In Women of Color conversation today!

Whether you decide to organize a live stream video discussion or hold something private at your workplace or in your community, we would love to hear about it! Email us at info@leaninwomenofcolor.com. Click below to download the Lean In Women of Color Starter Discussion Toolkit.