Monday, February 10, 2020

Asian American Equal Pay Day: Lean In Regional Leader Feature

Maybelyn Plecic is a Lean In Regional Leader and oversees Lean In Wonder Women located in the sunshine state.

 I am the breadwinner of a family of six with a very supportive and loving husband. I like to think of our family as a team; we have four boys, ages 17 years old, 14 years old, and twins who are 13 years old. One of our twins has low spectrum Autism. We believe in doing our best to provide the most versatile, impactful, and fun life experience for our family. Love requires patience, the bravery to be honest, kind, empathetic, having a growth mindset, and being willing to learn from our failures. We are stronger together.

I have been supporting the Lean In Wonder Women for over five years. I also collaborate and work with other support networks such as Women Who Code Python, The Stars In Me, Elpha, Girlboss, National Organization Women, Women's March, and more. One of the greatest gifts of working with the Lean In Regional Leaders is that they are very driven, energetic, and inspiring leaders. I am honored to have completed one of the Peer Coaching Circles. Because the latter has been a great experience, we are now creating peer coaching circles in my company with five groups of 3-5 members meeting monthly.

Another great Lean In Circle that I support is the Women of Color Writing Circle, where we share our literary works and provide mutual support and guidance.

A few of my proudest achievements in the past year is being the first female Distinguished Engineer, typically awarded to less than 2% of our company. I also received the Engineering Manager for the South in 2019. Earlier in April of 2019, I also received the Cisco DevNet Creator in providing programmability automation for our Women's Study Group and the teams nationally across all engineering practices.

I am known as an empathetic leader who builds relationships by inspiring others to be the best they can be throughout the industry in creative, positive, and fun ways. I serve as a mentor and educator who enable others to innovate in the emerging market.

I drive the development of programmability and automation skills through the use of Cisco DevNet programs for all practices. As a technology disruptor who encourages others to innovate and help improve business processes that result in a positive impact.

My latest endeavor that I am growing and starting to enjoy more is hosting the Vitamae Podcast. You may subscribe via Apple Podcast, Google Music Play, Spotify,, and Radio Public. In this podcast, I share different work and life balance related topics such as leadership skills, time management, health topics for women, being karate parent, single parent, and more. I try to interview people like me who are personally experiencing the many challenges in life and share lessons learned as part of awareness. Learn more about me at


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