Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Native American Women's Equal Pay Day

September 27th is Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day. This means it takes almost 10 extra months within the 2018 calendar year for a Native American woman to make what a white male made in 2017 alone. On average, Native American women make just 57 cents to a white man’s dollar. However, as we get closer to Native American Women’s Equal Pay Day, we can't seem to omit a more sensitive issue plaguing Native communities. At a significant rate, indigenous women are exposed to violence and reported missing. 

Native American communities suffer from economic development disadvantages due to geographic isolation. Reported by the Navajo Times, “Native people face disproportionate rates of unemployment, of poverty, and a fairly high incidence of domestic violence.” Thus, Native American women are predisposed to low wages and limited protection and security. Compared to other groups of women, Native American women are ranked among the highest groups that are suffering from insufficient pay making them far more susceptible to the ills of discrimination.

Visit The Native American Women Equal Pay Day Awareness Project's website to learn more.


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