Monday, September 3, 2018

Lean In Women of Color: Recipient of 2018 Make It Great Award

Over the past year, we have been introducing equal pay day conversations to our communities to create awareness about the pay gap and how it affects women of color. In November 2017, we introduced the Latina's Equal Pay Day Commemoration Project, a website which discloses how the pay gap impacts Latinas and features leaders across diverse industries. We reached out to these leaders to contribute their advice to inspire more women and girls to leadership. 

In December 2017, in partnership with the Lean In Ohio chapter,  we facilitated a free Unconscious Bias workshop for the Dayton Community. On August 7, 2018, we organized the Black Women’s Equal Pay Day conversation featuring women experts from various industries within the Chicago community and streamed the event live for our international Facebook group.

This year at Lean In’s 2018 regional leaders conference, Lean In Women of Color was honored with Lean In’s 2018 “Make it Great" award. We would like to thank our fellow Lean In leaders for being partners and supporters. We would also like to thank the national Lean In/ Option B team for their gracious support!

In 2019, our mission is to expand Lean In women of Color conversations by launching more circles in partnership with other Lean In chapters across the country and abroad.


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