Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Equal Pay Counts

Today is April 10th 2018, Equal Pay Day which represents how long it takes within the 2018 calendar year for the average woman to make what a white man made in 2017. This averages out to just 80 cents to a dollar. The fact is that all women regardless of background, race, ability or sexual orientation are impacted by the pay gap. The above video shows you how all women are predisposed to unequal pay.

Throughout 2018, Lean In is partnering with businesses across the country to highlight the unfairness of the gender pay gap to consumers making everyday purchases. With the help of adidas, Lyft, P&G, and Reebok—all leaders in the push for equality in the workplace—we’re asking consumers to think about the impact of getting 20% less1 as they make purchases on April 10. Our goal is to raise awareness of the gender pay gap and encourage companies everywhere to commit to equal pay. [Learn more]


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