Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Introducing Lean In Women of Color!

I know that for many of us or for some, this election did not reap the results we hoped for. Yet, this gives us a greater incentive to enact an immediate plan for our future. Our country could not be more divided right now. You know, when there is a tsunami or catastrophic earthquake, we start to call on more help, we reach across communities, and regions for aid!

I can't seem to get rid of the phrase that keeps playing over and over in my head, “more work needs to be done”. This is true.

But we have witnessed in this election, things can not happen without a strong united front. I ask that you work with me to help facilitate resources for women so that more of us can get ahead. And I vow to continue to work and create a comprehensive plan of action.

I would like to introduce Lean In Women of Color!

Lean In Women of Color is a volunteer-driven community aimed at the advancement of women of color in leadership and high-ranking positions. With the provision of Lean In Circles and tools, expert material funneled by leaders and our partners, we provide education and materials to aid in the retention of women of color inside companies and on decision-making teams.

Research has proven that diversity matters. It spurs creative thought and innovation; diverse teams outperform homogeneous groups.

Lean In Women of Color has a mission to:

  1. Help bridge gaps between companies/leaders and their members and encourages retention through education and training.This includes LeanIn.Org regional leaders who may be looking for ways to extend Circles throughout various communities,
  2. Leverage Lean In resources for women of color through unique education tools
  3. Provides support for new circles and doubles down on resources for existing circles
  4. Foster the need for women of color in areas of influence by learning from experts and interviewing women of significance.
  5. Develop action and ideas to keep the torch burning such as our petition to draft four viable candidates for the U.S. Supreme Court so that the president will add them to his short list.

Julene Allen
Lean In Women of Color
Lean In Ohio


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